The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Fishing Attractant: From Scent Gels to Underwater Lights

Fishing enthusiasts know that the difference between a good catch and a great catch often comes down to the attractant used. With a myriad of choices ranging from scented gels to submerged lighting, selecting the right attractant can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide will delve into the nuances of various fishing attractants to help anglers make an educated choice for their specific fishing scenarios. Whether you're targeting shrimp with a highly concentrated scent or aiming to entice snook with an underwater light show, we've got you covered.

Understanding Fishing Attractants

Fishing attractants are substances used to lure fish to your hook, augmenting your chances of a successful catch. They tap into fish's instinctual feeding behaviors by mimicking the smell and taste of their natural prey. Attractants come in various forms such as scents, gels, liquids, and underwater lighting systems, each with their own unique way of drawing fish to your bait.

Scent and taste attractants trigger a fish's olfactory senses. Products like Pro-Cure Crab & Shrimp Attractant use a blend of potent fish oils and amino acids alongside UV Flash—both to appeal to the senses and to catch the eye of the fish. Additionally, the mix of real bait extracts found in various Pro-Cure products, like the Inshore Salt Water Super Gel and Steelhead Combo Super Gel, aim to replicate natural prey profiles, compelling fish to strike what they perceive as familiar food sources.

Underwater lighting serves as a visual draw. Fish are naturally attracted to light because it often indicates the presence of food, as smaller organisms are drawn towards the illumination. Underwater lights like the Green Blob Outdoors LED for Docks and Broadroad LED Night Fishing Light create a glowing allure in the water, which can prove irresistible to fish such as snook, crappie, and bass. The LOSTCAT LED Fishing Lights amplify this effect using super bright LEDs and offer durability for different fishing environments.

When selecting between these different types of attractants, it's essential to consider the species you're aiming to catch and the environment you'll be fishing in. While scent gels are excellent for precise application on baits and lures, underwater lights can attract a wider range of species over a larger area. Furthermore, while scent-based attractants could dissipate over time or require reapplication, underwater lights provide a consistent attractant as long as there is a power source.

Differences Between Scent Gels and Liquid Attractants

When it comes to fishing attractants, anglers have various options, each with its own set of characteristics tailored to specific fishing conditions and species. Two common types are scent gels and liquid attractants, which differ in application, consistency, and lasting power.

Scent gels like the Pro-Cure Inshore Salt Water Super Gel and Pro-Cure Steelhead Combo Super Gel have a thicker consistency which allows them to stick to lures, artificial baits, and even real bait, ensuring that the scent remains present in the water for extended periods. The sticky nature of these gels means they are less likely to wash away quickly, and their concentrated formula is designed to disperse slowly, maintaining a scent trail that can lead fish to your bait. Ingredients often include real ground-up baitfish and other natural scents, enhanced with UV light reflections, to make them more visible to fish.

Liquid attractants, such as the Pro-Cure Crab & Shrimp Attractant and Berkley Gulp! Alive! Attractant, are typically less viscous and come in easy-to-apply bottles or spray forms. They are ideal for coating live bait or soaking soft baits, and their liquid state allows for a quicker scent dispersion in the water, potentially attracting fish from a wider radius initially. However, they might require more frequent reapplication than gels as they tend to dissipate faster.

The choice between gel and liquid attractants should take into account factors like target species, water conditions, and fishing strategy. Gels are often favored for their persistent coverage on baits and slow-release properties, making them well-suited for fishing in currents or deeper waters where you want the scent to stay with the bait longer. Liquid scents, with their ease of application and rapid spread, can be especially effective in still waters or when a quick attractant is necessary. Anglers looking to cast and retrieve repeatedly may opt for liquids for the convenience of swift reapplication.

It’s also essential to consider the scents and flavors commonly preferred by the target fish. As seen in varieties like Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait with a blood flavor, specific scents can be more appealing to certain species, reinforcing the importance of matching the attractant to the fish's diet. Ultimately, the best fishing attractant may be a matter of personal preference and successful past experiences, benefiting from the synergistic use of both gel and liquid types for a comprehensive fishing approach.

A Closer Look at Underwater Lighting as Fish Attractants

Venturing into the world of underwater lighting for fishing can open up an array of benefits for both recreational and serious anglers alike. Used as a fish attractant, underwater lights like those produced by Green Blob Outdoors and Broadroad serve a dual purpose of illuminating the water for night fishing and drawing aquatic life closer to your spot.

By submerging lights beneath the water's surface, an ethereal glow is cast, creating a visual spectacle not only for the angler but also for the fish. The theory behind this methodology is that the light attracts plankton, small microorganisms that thrive in aquatic environments. These tiny creatures draw in baitfish, which in turn entice larger predators, such as bass, crappie, and catfish, offering anglers a better chance at a successful catch. This is particularly true for Green Blob Outdoors' underwater lights, which are touted for their ability to attract a variety of fish species with their powerful LED illumination.

The Green Blob Outdoors fishing light, for instance, boasts a significant lumen output (ranging from 7500 to 15000 lumens depending on the model), is energy efficient, and comes outfitted with a 30ft or 50ft power cord for substantial reach. This light is not only functional but is also constructed with durability in mind, ensuring that it can withstand the elements, whether in freshwater or saltwater.

Similarly, the Broadroad LED Night Fishing Light is engineered to emit a bright and broad-reaching light, with 108 LEDs generating 10.8 watts of power and 1080 lumens. Not only is it proclaimed to be super bright and attract a range of fish, but it is also noted for its waterproofing and longevity – two essential features for any underwater device.

The benefits of underwater lighting are clear, as these devices can considerably enhance the fishing experience. Not only do they aid in attracting fish, but they also provide anglers with greater visibility in the dark. This can be especially helpful when maneuvering around water bodies or managing fishing equipment.

One of the trade-offs of using such equipment, however, might be mobility. While portable, underwater lights require a power source, which may limit where they can be used effectively. Moreover, they are best suited for stationary or slow-moving fishing methods, such as from a dock or during ice fishing.

Exploring the Effectiveness of Pro-Cure Products

Pro-Cure products have made a name for themselves in the fishing industry by creating an array of scents and gels that entice a variety of species. Their distinctive blends, such as the Crab & Shrimp Attractant in a significant half-gallon size, are formulated with powerful fish oils, salmon egg oil, amino acids, and anise—a combination that has proven extremely effective. Its UV Flash enhancement and the requirement to shake well and marinate bait overnight suggest a level of preparation that serious anglers often appreciate.

Another Pro-Cure standout is the Inshore Salt Water Super Gel, available in a travel-friendly 2-ounce bottle. This blend includes an impressive variety of baitfish essences—anchovies, sardines, mullet, menhaden, shrimp, squid, and ghost shrimp—which could make it a must-have for inshore fishermen targeting a diverse range of species. Its super sticky formulation is designed to adhere well to all types of artificial baits.

Pro-Cure's approach to specificity is also evident in their Bait Fish Formula Gel. This product underlines the brand's emphasis on creating authentic scents by using real bait and UV enhancement. The Steelhead Combo Super Gel is another targeted option, blending ground shrimp, sand shrimp, salmon eggs, anchovies, nightcrawlers, and crawfish to appeal to a niche market of anglers seeking these particular species.

The common theme across Pro-Cure products is their dedication to real bait formulations, UV enhancements for visibility, amino acids for triggering feeding, and a super sticky consistency for enduring attraction. With overwhelmingly positive customer reviews across their range and a solid ranking within fishing attractant categories, Pro-Cure's effectiveness is well-supported by the angling community.

Considering these details, Pro-Cure's attractants stand out for their commitment to quality ingredients, ability to target specific species, and their highly regarded performance by both casual and avid anglers. The practical packaging sizes cater to different usage needs, from one-time trips to regular outings, while the inclusion of UV enhancements and amino acids reinforces these products' potential to increase fishing success.

Top 9 Fishing Attractants List 2023

What is the best brand of Fishing Attractants?

Pro-Cure Crab & Shrimp Attractant, 1/2 Gallon

image of Pro-Cure Crab & Shrimp Attractant, 1/2 Gallon
Pro-Cure Crab & Shrimp Attractant, 1/2 Gallon

Anglers on the hunt for effective shrimp attractants may find the Pro-Cure Crab & Shrimp Attractant to be a valuable addition to their fishing arsenal. This half-gallon attractant is concocted from a rich blend of potent fish oils, succulent salmon egg oil, essential amino acids, and a hint of anise, tailor-made to be irresistible to both crabs and shrimp. This concoction is not only enticing but is also derived from 100% real bait, ensuring that the essence is authentic and powerful.

The inclusion of UV Flash in the mix adds another dimension of allure, as it enhances visibility and appeal to the target species underwater, which could be particularly useful during low light conditions or in murky waters. Another notable feature is the high concentration of amino acids, which are vital for triggering the feeding response in fish. It’s recommended to shake the attractant well and marinate your bait overnight for optimal results, providing ample time for the attractant to thoroughly infuse the bait.

Pro-Cure, a respected brand in the fishing community, ensures quality with this product, which is evident from the solid customer reviews, boasting a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating from over 500 reviews. Not just appreciated by users, it also ranks impressively at #11 in Fishing Attractants and has held a place in the competitive market since first appearing on April 4, 2013. The attractant's utility is underscored by its universal application, targeting species like shrimp and enhancing the chances of a successful catch.


Liquid Volume64 Fluid Ounces
Item Weight64 Ounces
Target SpeciesShrimp
Date First AvailableApril 4, 2013


  • Contains a blend of potent fish oils and amino acids
  • Includes salmon egg oil and a touch of anise for effectiveness
  • Enhanced with UV Flash to increase visibility
  • Large quantity provides ample supply for multiple uses


  • May require longer marination time for optimal effectiveness
  • Bulk size may be impractical for anglers who fish infrequently

Pro-Cure Inshore Salt Water Super Gel, 2 Ounce

image of Pro-Cure Inshore Salt Water Super Gel, 2 Ounce
Pro-Cure Inshore Salt Water Super Gel, 2 Ounce

Offering a blend of irresistible natural bait flavors, the Pro-Cure Inshore Salt Water Super Gel is an angler's secret weapon for attracting a wide range of inshore species. With a concoction of anchovies, sardines, mullet, menhaden, shrimp, squid, and ghost shrimp, this gel is engineered to appeal to the palate of most creatures lurking beneath inshore waters. The uniqueness of this attractant lies in its diverse bait representation, ensuring that it caters to the varied diets of different fish species.

Beyond its powerful scent profile, this super gel has been carefully formulated with real bait, enhancing its authenticity and effectiveness. To ramp up its allure, the product is UV enhanced, making it more visible to fish. The amino acids packed into this gel are the building blocks that trigger fish feeding instincts, making it incredibly effective when applied to lures, soft plastics, or swimbaits.

The super sticky nature of the Pro-Cure Inshore Salt Water Super Gel ensures it adheres well to all kinds of artificial baits, maximizing the scent dispersion and longevity underwater. Its strong formulation is designed to withstand rigorous saltwater conditions, staying on your lures for prolonged periods and enhancing every cast.

Packaged conveniently in a 2-ounce bottle, this Pro-Cure product is highly rated with 4.3 out of 5 stars from over a thousand customer reviews, indicating its popularity and effectiveness among the fishing community. With dimensions measuring just 4.3 by 2.1 by 1 inches, it's compact and easy to handle while out on the water. The product's rank at #43 in Fishing Attractants is a testament to its status as a preferred choice for anglers aiming to increase their catch rate.

Considering its debut in the market in 2011, Pro-Cure's Inshore Salt Water Super Gel has established itself as a staple for fishing enthusiasts. Its well-thought-out formula, ease of use, and angler-focused design have clearly made it a trusted name in the realm of fishing attractants.


Size2 Ounce
Item Weight2 Ounces
Item Dimensions LxWxH4.3 x 2.1 x 1 inches
Date First AvailableApril 6, 2011


  • A diverse blend of inshore species attractants
  • UV enhanced for greater visibility
  • Packed with amino acids to trigger feeding
  • Super sticky formula adheres well to lures and baits


  • Small size may run out quickly for regular anglers
  • Gel form may be messier to apply than liquid attractants

Analyzing Green Blob Outdoors Underwater Fishing Light

image of Green Blob Outdoors New Underwater Fishing Light LED for Docks 7500 or 15000 Lumen
Green Blob Outdoors New Underwater Fishing Light LED for Docks 7500 or 15000 Lumen

The Green Blob Outdoors New Underwater Fishing Light LED is a robust system designed to enhance the night fishing experience. It's particularly advantageous for dock or pier fishermen aiming to attract Snook, Crappie, and a variety of other species. With its Texas roots, this LED lighting lure brings a local touch to your fishing expeditions, whether in freshwater or saltwater environments.

Crafted for durability, the Green Blob light can function effortlessly both inland and in coastal waters. Its solid design ensures longevity despite continuous submersion. This versatile accessory is also suitable for diverse applications, such as in tanks, pools, or even when kayaking, providing a source of illumination that both pleases the eye and draws in aquatic life.

Efficiency is at the heart of this fishing light, with its 110-volt adapter that safely converts to 12 volts DC, ensuring low power consumption and reduced risks of overheating. This allows for an uninterrupted and environmentally friendly lighting solution. At 7,500 lumens, the light output is formidable, ensuring widespread illumination to enhance your chance of a successful catch.

Ease of use is another hallmark of the Green Blob LED light; it's designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal setup and maintenance. Its ability to intrigue and appeal to a wide variety of fish amplifies its utility as a multipurpose fishing tool. When used underwater, it creates an enthralling show of lights that's not just effective for fishing, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Anglers targeting a broad spectrum of fish will find the Green Blob light to be a valuable ally. The green LED light is known for its alluring capabilities, promising to increase both your bites and your haul. Its use is not confined to underwater environments, as it's also effective when used on a boat or even on land in a pool for an enchanting visual experience.

Consumers have found much to appreciate about the Green Blob Outdoors underwater light, as evidenced by a strong rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from a sizeable number of reviews. The product stands high in the ranks of fishing light attractants and fishing attractants overall since its market launch on November 17, 2017, pointing to its popularity and effectiveness among the fishing community.


Light Source TypeLED
BrandGreen Blob Outdoors
Style30ft Cord
Are Batteries IncludedNo
Date First AvailableNovember 17, 2017


  • Made in Texas for ponds, lakes, and saltwater
  • Durable and versatile for various fishing environments
  • Energy-efficient with very little heat emission
  • Attracts a wide variety of fish species


  • Requires access to a power source, which may limit mobility
  • Higher price point may not be suitable for casual anglers

Broadroad LED Night Fishing Light: Unveiling the Details

image of Broadroad LED Night Fishing Light 12V 108 LEDs 10.8W
Broadroad LED Night Fishing Light 12V 108 LEDs 10.8W

The Broadroad LED Night Fishing Light is designed to be a game-changer for those night fishing expeditions. Sporting a powerful assembly with 108 high-quality LEDs, this 10.8-watt underwater fishing finder light stands out with an impressive 1080 lumens. Thanks to this illumination, the light can penetrate up to 75 meters through water, which is essential for attracting marine and river fish when the sun goes down.

This light isn't just about power; it's also about targeted attraction. The chosen green color is a strategic choice since many aquatic creatures, such as prawns and squids, are naturally attracted to green light due to their bio-luminescent abilities. By harnessing this phenomenon, the Broadroad light aims to bring the action to your favorite fishing spot. And with a robust 5-meter power cord, it allows for a versatile and convenient setup.

Durability is another hallmark of this LED fishing light. With an operational life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, this light is built to last through countless fishing trips. Additionally, it boasts an IP68 waterproof rating, guaranteeing that it can withstand the submersion necessary for its purpose without any concerns about damage from water ingress.

The Broadroad LED Night Fishing Light has resonated well with the fishing community, as evidenced by its 4.2 out of 5 stars from 289 customer ratings. Its rank of #8 in Fishing Light Attractants and #64 in Fishing Attractants on a prominent e-commerce platform is a testament to its popularity and effectiveness in the field.

The manufacturer also underscores its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering an exceptional 36 months of warranty for the item, ensuring that your investment is protected. This service pledge reinforces the brand's dedication to providing a high-quality and reliable product for fishers looking to enhance their nighttime fishing success.


Date First AvailableFebruary 18, 2019


  • Super bright with 1080 lumens output
  • Attracts prawns, squid, and various fish species
  • Long lifespan of LED bulbs (up to 50,000 hours)
  • Waterproof and durable with IP68 rating


  • Requires 12V power source, which may not be readily available in all fishing locations
  • 5M cord length may not be sufficient for deeper waters

Comparative Analysis of Underwater Lights: Green Blob vs. Broadroad

When it comes to night fishing, the allure of underwater lights is irrefutable. Whether you're aiming to entice crappie, bass, snook, or a diverse range of other fish species, the choice of underwater lighting can dramatically impact your success rates. In this analysis, we'll take a detailed look at two popular options in the market: the Green Blob Outdoors Underwater Fishing Light and the Broadroad LED Night Fishing Light, focusing on their features, capabilities, and user feedback.

Starting with Green Blob Outdoors' offering, the light claims to be a powerhouse with 7500 or 15000-lumen capacity and a convenient 110-volt 30ft or 50ft power cord. Designed both for saltwater and freshwater environments, this light is revered for its durability and versatility. Users can look forward to a product that won't overheat and remains energy efficient, no matter how long it's deployed underwater. Reviews for the Green Blob reflect satisfaction with both its ability to attract a variety of fish and its sturdy build - features that have earned it the #1 ranking in Fishing Light Attractants and a solid 4.3-star rating.

The Broadroad LED Night Fishing Light offers a similar promise to fishermen with its 1080-lumen output and 108 high-intensity LEDs. This green submersible unit is lauded for its penetrating light that extends up to 75m underwater, a range said to be considerably enticing for prawns, squid, and fish. Valued for high-quality construction, it boasts an impressive 50,000-hour lifespan for its LEDs. The waterproof rate of IP68 ensures reliability, though its reviews are a notch below the Green Blob at 4.2 stars, potentially suggesting a slightly lesser consensus on user satisfaction or product durability.

In terms of attractiveness to aquatic life, both lighting systems employ a green hue, which is scientifically documented as effectively captivating for a wide range of fish due to its visibility underwater. Practical features such as waterproof construction and extended power cords make both lights suitable for various fishing settings. The primary dividing factors are the lumen output, energy efficiency, and user-rated performance where the Green Blob seems to edge out the Broadroad slightly.

Ultimately, choosing between the Green Blob Outdoors and Broadroad LED lights depends on personal preferences and specific fishing needs. If you prioritize brightness and the potential of attracting a larger variety of fish, the high lumen output of the Green Blob might be more appealing. On the other hand, if you prefer a light with a longer cord and a proven track record in attracting nocturnal sea life, then the Broadroad's features may tip the balance. Both lights are excellent investments for enhancing night fishing experiences, but as all anglers know, sometimes the smallest detail can make the biggest difference on the water.

Berkley Gulp! Alive! Attractant Highlighted

image of Berkley Gulp! Alive! Attractant, Garlic, 8 oz spray bottle
Berkley Gulp! Alive! Attractant, Garlic, 8 oz spray bottle

Fishing enthusiasts looking for a convenient way to improve their catch might find a potent ally in the Berkley Gulp! Alive! Attractant. This particular version comes with a distinctly pungent garlic scent, aimed to mimic popular prey scents and flavors, thereby making any bait irresistible to fish. The formula is designed to make your bait taste and smell 'alive', which can be particularly effective in luring cautious fish.

Ease of use is a significant upside of this attractant, as the spray bottle allows for a simple application. You have the option to either stream the attractant directly onto your baits or use a spraying motion to cover a wider area. This versatility ensures that whether you're working with soft bait, hard bait, or even live bait, you can enhance its effectiveness with a quick spritz of this attractant.

A key feature that sets this attractant apart is its proven ability to hold fish once they've taken a bite. The magic lies in the powerful combination of smell and taste that keeps the fish engaged and more likely to strike. With its practical 8 oz size, the spray bottle is a perfect fit for your tackle box, ensuring you can carry it along on your fishing trips without any hassle.

With a customer satisfaction score of 4.1 out of 5 stars from 158 ratings on its effectiveness, it's clear that the Berkley Gulp! Alive! Attractant has a loyal following among anglers. Since its introduction to the market on September 30, 2004, it has climbed the ranks to become the #52 best-seller in the Fishing Attractants category on Amazon. This popularity highlights its reputation within the fishing community.

One should consider, however, that while the garlic scent is highly appreciated by many anglers for its effectiveness, it may not appeal to every fisherman or target species. Therefore, your personal taste and your target fish species are crucial factors when deciding if this is the right attractant for your fishing Arsenal.


Size8 oz spray bottle
Item Weight9.6 Ounces
Item Dimensions LxWxH7 x 3 x 3 inches
Date First AvailableSeptember 30, 2004


  • Infuses bait with popular prey scents and flavors
  • Convenient spray bottle for easy application
  • Effective on a variety of bait types
  • Garlic scent can be particularly enticing to certain fish


  • May require reapplication for prolonged fishing sessions
  • Some anglers may not prefer the garlic scent

Investigating the Charms of Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait

image of Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait Blood Flavor
Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait Blood Flavor

Anglers who target catfish know the importance of an irresistible bait, and the Triple S Channel Catfish Dip Bait Blood Flavor aims to hit that sweet spot. This potent formula is a staple for many fishing enthusiasts looking to hook channel catfish, which are known for their keen sense of smell. At 2.81 pounds, this sizable container promises numerous fishing trips filled with action.

The bait ranks impressively at #30 in the Fishing Attractants category, which is quite a feat considering the plethora of options available to anglers. Its popularity is not unfounded, as reflected by its customer reviews, which stand at an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 332 ratings. This indicates a high level of satisfaction among those who have incorporated this dip bait into their fishing regimen.

This blood-flavored concoction is designed to create a sensory overload for catfish, making it extremely difficult for them to resist. Its consistency allows it to adhere well to your lure or dip worm, ensuring the scent remains potent in the water long enough to attract your target. The robust item weight also ensures that you get ample product for continuous use, which is excellent news for regular anglers.


Sports0 pages
Item Weight2.81 pounds


  • Appealing blood flavor specifically targets channel catfish
  • High customer satisfaction rating
  • Dip bait form is easy to apply on lures or baits


  • Specialized for channel catfish and may not attract other species
  • Dip form can be messier than sprays or gels

The Synergy of Ingredients in Pro-Cure Steelhead Combo Super Gel

image of Pro-Cure Steelhead Combo Super Gel, 2 Ounce
Pro-Cure Steelhead Combo Super Gel, 2 Ounce

Venturing into the realm of scent-based attractants, the Pro-Cure Steelhead Combo Super Gel stands out as a notable option for seasoned anglers aiming to enhance their catch rate. This potent concoction taps into the natural food sources of game fish by incorporating real, whole ground shrimp, sand shrimp, salmon eggs, anchovies, night crawlers, and crawfish. What makes this blend not only alluring but practical is its adaptability with various lures including plugs, spoons, spinners, and jig heads, proving its versatility across fishing techniques.

The defining feature of the Steelhead Combo Super Gel is its unique make-up of 100% real bait components. This authenticity is further amplified by the gel being UV enhanced, which serves the dual purpose of attracting fish that are drawn to visual cues and ensuring visibility in deeper or murkier waters. The presence of amino acids in the formula speaks volumes about its designed efficacy, as these compounds are key to triggering a feeding response in fish.

When it comes to application, anglers appreciate the super sticky nature of the gel that guarantees it stays on the bait longer, minimizing the need for frequent reapplication and allowing for uninterrupted fishing sessions. The robust scent and adhesion make this gel a formidable choice for those who use artificial baits and seek to mimic the appeal of live bait as closely as possible.

Among the fishing community, the Pro-Cure Steelhead Combo Super Gel has received praise, evident from the strong customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Although not topping the charts, its rank of #134 in Fishing Attractants on major retail platforms reflects its specialized niche focus rather than a blanket popularity, hinting at its favorable reception among target users since its introduction in April 2013.


Date First AvailableApril 4, 2013


  • Includes real ground shrimp, sand shrimp, and other baits
  • Super sticky and effective on a variety of artificial lures
  • UV enhanced to increase visibility in the water


  • Specific blend may not be suitable for all fishing conditions
  • Smaller 2-ounce size requires frequent replenishment for heavy users

Underwater Lights by LOSTCAT: A Technical Overview

When it comes to night fishing, underwater lighting is a game-changer, and LOSTCAT's range of LED fishing lights are particularly noteworthy for their impressive specifications and durability. Specifically designed to cater to anglers, these lights are not just effective at attracting a variety of fish species, but they also bring a level of convenience and reliability that enhances any night fishing expedition.

The 18W LOSTCAT LED Fishing Light is a compact powerhouse, boasting 72 SMD LEDs with a combined output of 1296 lumens. Its 360-degree beam ensures broad coverage, while the DC 12V input power allows for easy integration with most power systems, including portable batteries. Notably, the entire unit is designed with an IP68 waterproof rating, meaning it won't succumb to the pressures of either fresh or saltwater environments.

Escalating the game with even more intensity is the 70W High Power LOSTCAT Fishing Light. It contains 108 SMD LEDs with a staggering output of 3456 lumens, making it an irresistible beacon for species such as snook, squid, crappie, bass, and catfish. Similar in design to its 18W counterpart, the light offers a full 360-degree illumination and is fully submersible thanks to its sturdy, aluminium construction and epoxy coating that prevent any leaks or water damage.

Both underwater lights by LOSTCAT have cooling systems that are efficient, ensuring that the LED bulbs do not overheat and thereby prolong their operational lifespan which is estimated at around 50,000 hours. The lights include features like a reinforced aluminum frame, making them shatterproof even under extreme stress, and holes designed for hanging ropes or weights, which offer adaptability to different fishing setups. Not only do these lights serve the primary purpose of attracting fish, but they also add an aesthetic touch to your fishing environment, whether docked or out in the open waters.

As for practicality, these LOSTCAT lights come with battery clips for direct connection to batteries, and an optional cigarette lighter adapter, granting a broad scope of power source options. The versatility of these lights, coupled with their rugged build, makes them a valuable addition for any angler looking to enhance their night fishing capabilities and increase their chances of a successful catch.

18W LOSTCAT LED Fishing Light Assessment

image of 18W 45W DC 12V Green IP68 Waterproof Aluminum Super Bright LED Fish Bait Submersible Dock Underwater Fishing Light Attractants For At Night Snook Crappie With Battery Clamps Cigarette Lighter Plug
18W 45W DC 12V Green IP68 Waterproof Aluminum Super Bright LED Fish Bait Submersible Dock Underwater Fishing Light Attractants For At Night Snook Crappie With Battery Clamps Cigarette Lighter Plug

Diving into the details of the LOSTCAT 18W LED Fishing Light, it becomes clear why this attractant has become a favorite among anglers. Its super bright feature, with 72 SMD LEDs that provide 1296 lumens, ensures a powerful glow that penetrates the depths of the water, drawing in a variety of fish species. The 0.2-watt LED bulbs, strategically arrayed on all four sides, broadcast light in a complete 360-degree range, maximizing the area of attraction for night-time fishing ventures.

Durability is a key aspect of this underwater light, with the solid epoxy filling that seals the surface and inner components achieving an IP68 waterproof rating – the highest level for dust and liquid resistance. Anglers can confidently use it in both freshwater and saltwater environments without concerns of circuit board rust or burnouts, ensuring safe operation and an impressive working life of approximately 50,000 hours.

Designed with the challenges of the aquatic environment in mind, the 18W LOSTCAT LED Fishing Light also excels in heat dissipation. Constructed with aluminum alloy, known for its strength and thermal conductive properties, it quickly cools down, prolonging the service life by maintaining a lower operating temperature even during prolonged usage.

The robust design extends beyond its excellent electronics; the LED bulbs are securely coated, and the ends are sealed with epoxy glue. The aluminum frame offers high hardness, affording this light the fortitude to withstand accidental impacts, and it’s touted as shatterproof to the extent that it can survive being driven over by a vehicle. For targeted casting or specific fishing needs, anglers can employ the light’s multifunctional design which includes holes for rope or lead weights to guide, direct, or stabilize the light in flowing waters.

Ease of use is considered with the inclusion of battery clips and an optional cigarette lighter adapter, making it simple to power the light from various sources. This practicality, paired with a modern style and functionality, has earned the 18W LOSTCAT LED Fishing Light an impressive customer approval with a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating based on 291 reviews. This recognition is further echoed in its rank as #44 in Fishing Attractants on Amazon’s Sports & Outdoors category, cementing its position as a reliable choice for night fishing aficionados since its inception to the market on January 3, 2022.


Color18w, 17 ft Wire, Only Battery Clips, Green
Power SourceBattery Powered
Date First AvailableJanuary 3, 2022


  • Super bright with 1296 Lumens
  • Solid epoxy design ensures IP68 waterproof rating
  • Cooling fast due to aluminum alloy material
  • Convenient battery clips and cigarette lighter plug


  • The included power cord may be insufficient for some setups
  • Battery-powered requirement might be limiting for some locations

70W High Power LOSTCAT Fishing Light: Insights & Specifications

image of 70W 130W DC 12V IP68 Waterproof Aluminum High Power Glowing Boat Fish Attractants Lure Green Submersible Fishing Lights LED Underwater For At Night Snook Crappie with Battery Clips Cigarette Charger Plug
70W 130W DC 12V IP68 Waterproof Aluminum High Power Glowing Boat Fish Attractants Lure Green Submersible Fishing Lights LED Underwater For At Night Snook Crappie with Battery Clips Cigarette Charger Plug

The 70W High Power LOSTCAT Fishing Light is a remarkably potent underwater attractant designed to maximize your fishing success during nocturnal expeditions. With 108 high-intensity SMD LEDs that provide a whopping 3456 lumens of green light, it creates an underwater spectacle that captivates a variety of fish species. Each 0.5w LED bulb contributes to the full-circle beam, ensuring a broad reach that can entice fish like snook, squid, crappie, bass, and catfish from all directions. The impressive continuous working life of approximately 50,000 hours means you can rely on this light for many fishing seasons.

Durability is a key highlight of this light. The combination of solid epoxy filling and the IP68 rating ensures that the device is fully protected against dust and water, making it suitable for both fresh and saltwater environments. LOSTCAT goes the extra mile to safeguard the circuitry and maintain operation safety, ensuring against rust and burnouts. The construction, including a robust aluminum alloy frame, not only provides quick heat dissipation to prolong LED life but is also tough enough to withstand significant impact, being shatterproof to the point of surviving being run over by a vehicle.

Practicality is also at the heart of this product. It includes features designed for convenience and versatility, such as a hole at the top for attaching a rope and guiding the light, as well as additional screw holes for securing the unit with suckers to a dock or boat. The provision to add a lead weight at the bottom of the light ensures stability even in flowing waters. For easy power connection, LOSTCAT provides battery clips and an optional cigarette lighter adapter, making it simple to power up your light regardless of your location.

The light comes in green, chosen for its effectiveness in penetrating water and attracting a wide range of fish species including bass, catfish, crappie, common snook, and flounder. This 25 ft wire light is particularly user-friendly and currently enjoys a solid reputation among anglers, as reflected in the customer reviews with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 143 ratings. It also boasts a commendable position in the market, ranked #36,330 in Sports & Outdoors and #26 in Fishing Attractants since its first availability on December 21, 2021.


Color70w, 25 ft Wire, Clips+Cigarette Charger Plug, Green
MaterialAluminum, Lead
Number of Pieces2
Target SpeciesBass, Catfish, Crappie, Common Snook, Flounder
Date First AvailableDecember 21, 2021


  • Highly bright with 3456 Lumens output
  • Sturdy and durable with solid epoxy and aluminum design
  • Effectively attracts a range of fish species
  • Includes battery clips and cigarette charger plug for easy power access


  • Some users might find it too bright for certain conditions
  • A higher price point than some other fishing lights

At a glance

Product NameScent TypeLight IntensityDurabilityEase of UseSpecial FeaturesTarget SpeciesCost-EffectivenessOverall Customer Satisfaction
Crab & Shrimp AttractantCrab and ShrimpExcellentGood (requires preparation)UV Flash and amino acidsShrimp and various fish speciesVery good for frequent users4.1/5
Inshore Salt Water Super GelInshore saltwater blendVery goodEasy to applyUV enhancement, amino acidsVarious inshore speciesGood4.3/5
Green Blob Underwater Light7500 or 15000 LumenExcellentEasy to useEnergy-efficient, versatile, can be used out of waterSnook, Crappie, Bass, and othersVery good for long-term use4.3/5
Broadroad LED Fishing Light1080 LumensHighGood with 5M power cordSuper bright LEDs, attracts wide range of speciesNon-specific (general attraction)Good4.2/5
Gulp! Alive! AttractantGarlicGood with reapplicationVery easy (spray bottle)Trigger spray for stream or spray applicationNon-specific (general attraction)Good4.1/5
Channel Catfish Dip BaitBlood flavorGoodEasy to dipSpecifically formulated for channel catfishChannel CatfishVery good for targeted species4.5/5
Steelhead Combo Super GelSteelhead comboVery goodEasy to applyUV enhancement, amino acidsSteelhead and other speciesGood4.5/5
LOSTCAT 18W LED Fishing Light1296 LumensVery highGood with battery clips and lighter plugSuper bright, leak-proof, shatterproofSnook, Squid, Crappie, Bass, CatfishVery good4.5/5
LOSTCAT 70W Fishing Light3456 LumensExcellentVery easyHigh brightness, sturdy and tough design, multifunctional attachment pointsBass, Catfish, Crappie, Common Snook, FlounderGood for intense fishing4.3/5

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, the right fishing attractant can make all the difference on your next fishing adventure. We've walked you through the high points and potential trade-offs of scent-based attractants like Pro-Cure's gels and Berkley's Gulp! Alive! Spray, as well as the allure of underwater lights from Green Blob Outdoors and LOSTCAT. It's important to align your choice with the type of species you're targeting, the fishing conditions, and personal preferences. With the insights you've gained, you're now equipped to select the best fishing attractant for your tackle box and enjoy a fruitful fishing experience.


Are scented attractants or underwater lights better for night fishing?

Scented attractants can be effective in waters where fish rely more on smell, such as murky environments. Underwater lights are superb for clear water scenarios, attracting fish through their visual appeal. Your choice should be based on water clarity, species behavior, and personal fishing style.

Can scent attractants be used in both freshwater and saltwater environments?

Many scent attractants are versatile and can be used in both environments, but some are specifically formulated for either freshwater or saltwater species. Always check the label or product information to ensure the attractant suits the water body you're fishing in.

How do I apply a gel or liquid fishing attractant?

Gel attractants are typically applied by smearing them onto the bait or lures. Liquid attractants can be sprayed or soaked into the baits. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results and to avoid damaging your gear.

Are underwater fishing lights legal to use?

Underwater fishing lights are legal for use in many areas, but regulations can vary by location and the type of fishing. Always verify with local fishing regulations to ensure compliance.

How long do underwater fishing lights typically last?

The lifespan of an underwater fishing light depends on the build quality and usage but typically ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. It's important to look for lights with high durability and energy efficiency.